Abbreviations used in Store department

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AAC:    Anticipated Annual Consumption

BAR:    Book Average Rate

CIF:    Cost Insurance Freight

CMM:    Chief Material Manager

COFMOW:    Central Organisation For Modernisation Of Workshop

COS:    Controller of Stores

CPD:    Consortium for Purchase and Distribution

CPV:    Common Procurement Vocabulary

DCOS:    Divisional Controller of Stores

DDP:    Delivered Duty Paid

DEQ:    Delivered Ex Quay

DGFT:    Directorate General of Foreign Trade

DGS&D:    Directorate General of Supplies & Disposal

DMM:    Divisional Material Manager

DMS:    Depot Material Superintendent

DQA:    Directorate of Quality Assurance

DSK:    Depot Store Keeper

DTR:    Daily Transaction Register

DVS:    Departmental Verification Sheets

EOQ:    Economic Order Quantity

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