Abbreviations used in Electrical Department

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ABB:    Asian Brown Boveri

ACTM:    A C Traction Manual of Indian Railways

AIS:    Air Insulated Switchgear

ALCO:    American Locomotive Company

ANERT:    Agency for Non-Conventional Energy & Rural Technology

APC:    Advanced Process Control

AT:    Auto Transformer

BEE:    Bureau of Energy Efficiency

CB:    Circuit Breaker

CC:    Closed Circuit

CCS:    Closed Control System

CEE:    Chief Electrical Engineer

CLW:    Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

CPM:    Collaborative Production Management

DGA:    Dissolved Gas Analysis

DTC:    Driving Trailer Car

ECMS:    Equipment Control and Monitoring System

EE:    English Electric

EHV:    Extra High Voltage

EIA:    Energy Information Administration

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