Abbreviations used in Personnel and Establishment department

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ALK:    Allowance in Lieu of Kilometrage

CCA:    City Compensatory Allowance

CCL:    Child Care Leave

CCS:    Central Civil Services

CPO:    Chief Personnel Officer

D&AR:    Discipline & Appeals Rules

DPC:    Departmental Promotion Committee

DPO:    Divisional Personnel Officer

HOER:    Hours of Employment Regulations

ILO:    International Labour Organisation

IO:    Inquiry Officer

IREC:    Indian Railway Establishment Code

IREM:    Indian Railway Establishment Manual

IRPS:    Indian Railway Personnel Service

JCM:    Joint Consultative Machinery

LAP:    Leave on Average Pay

LEO:    Labour Enforcement Officer

LPC:    Last Pay Certificate

MPP:    Man Power Planning

MPR:    Man Power Ratio

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