Abbreviations used in Mechanical department

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BP:    Brake Pipe

BPC:    Brake Power Certificate

BVZi:    Brake Van High Speed for Goods train

CBC:    Centre Buffer Coupler

CDO:    Coaching Depot Officer

CME:    Chief Mechanical Engineer

DA:    Dissolved Acetylene

DLW:    Diesel Locomotive Works

DME:    Divisional Mechanical Engineer

DMU:    Diesel Multiple Unit

DMW:    Diesel Loco Modernisation Works

EBD:    Emergency Braking Distance

EMAT:    Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer

EMD:    Electro Motive Division

EP:    Electro Pneumatic

HSD:    High Speed Diesel

ICF:    Integral Coach Factory

IRIMEE:    Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Jamalpur

IRSME:    Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers

LHB:    Linke Hoffman Busch

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