Abbreviations used in Signal & Telecommunication department

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ACD:    Anti Collision Device

AFTC:    Audio Frequency Track Circuits

ATO:    Automatic Train Operation

AWS:    Auxiliary Warning System

BPAC:    Block Proving by Axle Counter

CGDB:    Coach Guidance Display Boards

CLS:    Colour Light Signalling

CSTE:    Chief Signal & Telecommunication Engineer

CVRS:    Central Voice Recording System

DAC:    Digital Axle Counter

DLBI:    Double Line Block Instrument

DOT:    Department of Telecommunications

DSTE:    Divisional Signaling & Telecommunications Engineer

DTMF:    Dual Tone Multi Frequency

DTS:    Data Transmission System

DVAS:    Digital Voice Announcement System

DVR:    Digital Video Recorder

DWDM:    Dense Wave Division Multiplexing

DyCSTE:    Deputy Chief Signaling & Telecommunications Engineer

ERTMS:    European Railway Traffic Management System

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