Abbreviations used in General

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AEC:    Accident Enquiry Committee

AIRF:    All India Railwaymen's Federation

AITUC:    All India Trade Union Congress

API:    Application Programming Interface

ASCII :    American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASTM:    American Society of Testing Materials

ATIS:    Anti-Fraud Transit Information System

BIS:    Bureau of Indian Standards

BOLT:    Build Own Lease Transfer

BS:    British Standard

CAD:    Computer Aided Design

CDROM:    Compact Disk Read Only Memory

CFO:    Chief Foreman

CN:    Construction

CPU:    Central Processing Unit

CRR:    Competition and Regulatory Reviews

CTI:    Central Training Institute

CTU:    Centralised Training Unit

DBFO:    Design Build Finance Operate

DRUCC:    Divisional Rail Users Consultative Committee

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