Abbreviations used in Commercial department

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2S:    Second Class Seeting

ACCC:    Air Conditioned Chair Car

ACM:    Assistant Commercial Manager

CKWL:    Tatkal Waiting List

CONCERT:    Countrywide Network of Computerised Enhanced Reservation and Ticketing

COW:    Career On Wheels

CRS:    Computerised Reservation System

CRS:    Chief Reservation Supervisor

CTR:    Combined Train Report

CVM:    Coupon Validating Machine

DCM:    Divisional Commercial Manager

DF:    Defence Quota

EFT:    Excess Fare Ticket

FT:    Foreign Tourist Quota

HO:    Headquarter Quota

IASK:    Inter Active Status Kiosk

IMPRESS:    Integrated Multi-train Passenger Reservation System

LPO:    Lost Property Office

MST:    Monthly Season Ticket

NIC:    National Informatics Centre

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