Abbreviations used in Account department

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BL:    Bill of Lading

BP:    Budget Proportion

CAG:    Comptroller and Auditor General of India

CAP:    Capital

CBDT:    Central Board of Direct Taxes

CCS:    Central Clearing House

CGA:    Controller General of Accounts

COPPY:     Corresponding period of the previous year

CRF:    Capital Recovery Factor

DF:    Development Fund

DFPR:    Delegation of Financial Powers Rules

DRF:    Depreciation Reserve Fund

EBR:    Extra Budgetary Resources

ECS:    Electronic Clearing System

EDR:    Electronic Data Interchange

EFT:    Electronic Fund Transfer

FA&CAO:    Financial Advisor & Chief Account Officer

GB:    Green Book

GFR:    General Financial Rules

IRAS:    Indian Railway Accounts Service

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